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Our new address is:

410 Hayward Ave,
Oakdale, MN  55128





Our Commitment:

We are a dedicated and experienced staff that takes pride in our commitment to providing the best, individualized care for each client we serve. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect and care.
Our responsibility is the confidentiality of each and every client.

Company Profile

We Care Counseling Center is a non-profit organization which provides services to fit the individual needs of each client.

We Care Counseling Center is licensed under the Minnesota Department of Human Services Rule 31.

The Staff at We Care Counseling Center is comprised of men and women who are credentialed by Institutions of higher learning as well as meeting the Minnesota Standards for Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors.

Duane Bertelsen, founder of We Care Counseling Center in 1991 writes:

"In the short time we are going to share together, we do not expect miracles, although sometimes they happen. Through the use of lectures, groups, scheduled one-to-ones and outside speakers we hope to move you through a process of guided self-help. The staff does not intend to do something to you or for you. Rather, this program is a time for you to start to make changes you will find helpful in beginning and maintaining a life style which promotes happiness for you and those around you."

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